For two years the Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign has been fighting to expose the issue of demovictions in Burnaby as a threat to renters in all of Metro Vancouver, and to stop the City of Burnaby from rezoning and demolishing the 3,000 units of low-end of market apartment buildings in Metrotown. Demovictions are displacing working class renter communities and replacing us with empty luxury condos.

The City of Burnaby’s bullish rezoning of Metrotown has turned this neighbourhood into a haven for developer greed and pushed hundreds of people into unsafe, unaffordable, insecure housing or into homelessness. In 2016 three separate independent reports cited loss of low-end of market rentals as a major contributor to homelessness, which Metro Vancouver’s 2017 homeless count puts at a record high of 3,605 people.

Demovictions are the direct responsibility of municipal governments, which hold the unique power to set the conditions for or refuse the rezoning applications that condo towers need. But the housing and the homelessness crisis resulting from demovictions are responsibility of all levels of government. Stop Demovictions Burnaby has studied what each party/candidate has to offer to the people of Metrotown in the 2017 BC election on the issues of demovictions, social housing supply, and protecting renters.

The question we ask is “which candidate will stop the mass demolition and displacement of Metrotown and improve renters’ lives?” We need a candidate who will break from the pro-market and anti-people legacy of the Liberals, and take a public stance against the demoviction rezoning and planning policies of Burnaby City Hall. We have included our analysis of party positions and the record of each Burnaby Deer Lake candidate in this respect.

Download pdf version of report card here.