Townhall to discuss the BC election and the struggle against demovictions

When: Wednesday, May 3rd, 6:30pm
Where: Burnaby Neighbourhood House  (4460 Beresford Street)

The 2017 BC election is taking place during the heights of a housing and homelessness crisis, yet none of the Parties have centred their campaigns on an adequate response to these crises. No one said: if elected, we promise to end homelessness. On the other side of the fence, on the ground in our communities, we have never stopped fighting for housing justice and tenant security. The election has exposed the inability and unwillingness of the electoral parties to really grapple with the housing crisis; our communities cannot afford to wait for them to change.

Come to a townhall organized by the Stop Demovictions Burnaby campaign where speakers will address the failure of the major parties to end the housing crisis, present part of the People’s Metrotown Plan that envisions the housing we need, and propose a plan for our community’s struggle for homes and against demovictions after the BC election is over and politics as usual continues in Victoria. Our housing report card describes what we need governments to do to end the housing crisis; what remains is to decide what we, on the ground in our neighbourhoods will do to win those changes, and defend our communities.