Following the main planning principle of “development without displacement,” the People’s Plan for Metrotown charts a future without demovictions and predatory investors for the current renters in Metrotown. Unlike city development plans that are written by planners and limited by the political and economic perspectives of governments and development corporations, the People’s Plan started with what residents of Metrotown themselves said they need, and looked for and found the planning and development tools to realize those needs.

The People’s Plan is a radical re-envisioning of what a community plan truly needs to be. The People’s Plan is much more than a plan for city zoning laws; it also outlines what a community must do to protect vulnerable community members and actively fight for a world without the harsh profit-driven policies and governance that leave low-income people in constant housing insecurity.

The People’s Plan for Metrotown is made up of two parts. First, it unpacks three planning principles for development that will increase density without displacing the existing residents. Second, it puts forward a call to action to the community with strategies for collective organizing and resistance to displacement.

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