On Thursday November 16th, Stop Demovictions Burnaby is calling for an emergency protest against Premier Horgan and Housing Minister Robinson’s appearance at an Urban Development Institute luncheon. While the new NDP government shake hands with and make promises to the real estate profit industry at a $120/plate lunch, we will rally outside to call for an end to the BC Government’s partnership with private real estate speculators and investors. These profit-driven members of UDI are against the majority, who are living in a constant and growing crisis of eviction and homelessness.

What: Protest rally against the NDP at UDI!
When: Thursday November 16, 12noon
Where: Fairmont Hotel at Canada Place (900 Canada Place, Vancouver)

The homelessness we *see* on streets and in growing tent cities is the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. Public-Private-Partnerships characterized government policy under the BC Liberals, and are continuing under the NDP. These partnerships only lead to gentrification, eviction, mass displacement, and homelessness. BC homelessness is an emergency that requires an emergency response. The 10,000 units of temporary modular housing proposed by the NDP must be built immediately. But to really address this crisis, we need a two-pronged strategy that includes long term solutions for currently homeless people and protects those at risk of homelessness from losing their housing in the future. Join us to raise two demands that represent the immediate, life-or-death needs of our communities:

  1. Social housing now! Open 10,000 units of emergency modular housing immediately to replace homeless shelters throughout BC and immediately begin building 10,000 units of a range of permanent non-market housing including social and co-op housing to end the crisis of evictions, unaffordability, and homelessness created by the profit-driven real estate industry, and;
  2. Pass emergency legislation to protect purpose-built rental apartments everywhere in BC and stop all renovictions and demovictions.