A potluck and community townhall about the destructive effects of demovictions and our growing movement to stop evictions

Wednesday February 7th
Burnaby Neighbourhood House, 3rd Floor (4464 Beresford Street, just south-west of the Metrotown skytrain station)

 After a brief lull around Burnaby City Council`s vote for the area-wide rezoning of Metrotown for condos, demovictions (and renovictions) of 3-storey walk-up apartments are rolling again. Thousands of long time working class residents who cannot afford today`s record high rents, let alone to buy a condo, are threatened with being pushed far out of our home community. But we are organizing to fight back, to stop evictions, and to stop the wholesale displacement of the Metrotown community for the profits of condo developers.

Come to our February townhall to 1) Learn about why the demoviction crisis is happening and how we can stop evictions; 2) Share your story of the importance of this community and your needs for support to stop your eviction, and 3) Join the Tenant Eviction Defence Network!