What: Monthly Townhall
When: Wednesday April 4th 6:30pm
Where: Burnaby Neighbourhood House, 3rd floor (4460 Beresford Street, just south-west of the Metrotown Skytrain Station)

At the end of July 2017, Burnaby City Council voted unanimously in favour of their “Downtown” Metrotown Plan, increasing, with the stroke of a pen, allowable building heights and skyrocketing land prices in the entire Metrotown Area. This Plan targets more than 3,000 units of some of the cheapest rental apartments in Metro Vancouver for demolition and replacement with condo towers. Rents in the new buildings will be 2-3 times the cost of the existing apartments. The effect will be the liquidation of the current renter population, who will be pushed far out of their home community – many of them to the streets. Now, 9 months later, the effects of this new Plan are suddenly visible everywhere.

Come meet with residents of 4 buildings soon to be demovicted on the 6500 Block of Sussex and Telford, and plan together how the whole community can rise up and take a stand. Our meeting will cover the legal steps of protecting our most vulnerable neighbours against illegal eviction (which the developer landlords often try to do in order to get out of paying the 2-months rent compensation to those evicted for demolition) and to plan the political (and civil disobedience) steps that will be needed to stop the lawful but immoral and unjust demovictions that are coming soon.

After 3 years of organizing to stop demovictions through appeals for policy reform at City Hall and the Provincial legislature, the Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign is proposing that we rise up, work together, and stop demovictions where they happen – on the ground, in our homes – and that we organize the power of those able to really make change – affected residents facing eviction themselves.

Free coffee, snacks, and childcare available onsite.