Homes not hate! Homes for all!
Sunday April 14th, 1:00pm
Corner of Lougheed Hwy & Burnett Street, Maple Ridge

On Sunday April 14th, the anti-homeless NIMBYs of Maple Ridge plan to hold another rally against housing, and current and former residents of Anita Place tent city are calling for a counter rally to fight for homes now!

For two years Anita Place tent city has been a site of advocacy for housing for the homeless and a sanctuary from the anti-homeless hate that dominates mainstream Maple Ridge. In Anita Place, homeless people have found shelter from the rains, healing community relations, and health support and emergency action against the overdose crisis.

In February the City of Maple Ridge won a court injunction that Mayor Morden has used to displace the vast majority of the camp’s residents. Anita Place is no longer accessible as a community space as Morden has set up a double-lined fence around the site and has hired a team of security guards 24/7 to police the site against “unverified” occupants.

Mayor Morden’s ‘prisoncampification’ of Anita Place is made even more bitter by his opposition to housing for the homeless he is displacing from the camp. If the Mayor of Maple Ridge and his Ridgeilante mob will not welcome low-income people in housing, shelters, or tent cities – then where are we supposed to go? The answer is clear. They want to drive us out.

Anita Place tent city is calling for supporters to come stand for homes now, homes for all – and to stand together against anti-homeless hatred.