Saturday, May 11, 2019
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Surrey RCMP Main Detachment
14355 57 Ave, Surrey

Please invite your friends and share widely!

You can count on the Surrey RCMP to show up at community events and festivals, take selfies, and hand out stickers to kids. This is part of a concerted effort to normalize the massive police presence in Surrey by branding police as ‘family friendly’ and ‘community oriented.’ But regardless of any public relations efforts, police remain a threat to our communities. They surveil and harass homeless people, enforce the catastrophic war on drugs, and terrorize racialized and Indigenous communities, profiling and brutalizing young people of colour with impunity.

On May 11, the RCMP is holding a ‘family friendly’ open house to celebrate Police Week. We are taking a page out of their playbook and showing up at their event with our own community outreach table. Join us to voice opposition to constantly expanding police budgets, challenge dominant narratives that conflate increased policing with public safety, and help build a movement against police power in Surrey!