Red Braid needs your help!

Help us meet our goal of raising $4750 a month in sustaining donations!


Your donation will make 3 crucial projects possible

In 2019, we began 3 new political projects. To continue this work, we need to raise a total of $57,200 over the course of 2020, which translates to just over $4,750 per month. We hope to raise these funds by building a base of monthly donors who believe in this work.

Uniting homeless activists across BC

In June 2019, we brought together homeless activists from 8 communities for a one-day assembly in Victoria, where we reflected on 5 years of tent city struggles and decided to start a BC-wide network of poor and homeless activists.

In October 2019, homeless activists and Red Braid members toured the Okanagan and the Kootenays, meeting hundreds of homeless people and sharing our organizing experience with them. The communities we met with were eager to start organizing and fighting back – they just need an organizing network to connect them and bring their common struggle to life.

Your donation will allow us to organize 3 BC-wide June 8th Network delegate’s gatherings; continue the tour up north; hold monthly meetings in Kelowna, Kamloops, and Nanaimo; and keep in contact with local homeless leaders by providing them with cell phones.

BUDGET: $16,000

Costs: Food, mileage, gas, & stipends for monthly trips; cell phones for homeless leaders; printing resources

Connecting to international movements

In 2019, Red Braid members attended 3 international assemblies: the anti-imperialist International League of People’s Struggles assembly, the anti-colonial and anti-capitalist Native Liberation Conference, and the US-based annual Socialism conference.

Though we test and ground our politics in the occupied territories of western Canada, we see ourselves as part of a nascent, international movement that will connect working class and Indigenous people all over the world.

Most of our travel resources will go toward connecting leaders from Red Braid’s Indigenous Leadership Council to Indigenous revolutionaries elsewhere, focusing on increasing the power of urban Indigenous communities throughout Canada and the US.

BUDGET: $9,200

Costs: Travel expenses including food, accommodations, mileage or plane tickets

Where we reproduce our resistance

The Red Braid Centre is located in North Surrey, 
5 minutes from Gateway Skytrain Station, on the unceded and occupied territories of the Kwantlen, Katzie, Qayqayt, and Kwikwetlem nations.

It’s where Red Braid meets on a weekly basis, and where our Bread, Roses & Hormones campaign hosts a weekly drop-in for trans women.

In 2020, we want to expand The Red Braid Centre and shape it into a community space where Surrey’s youth, sex worker, trans, poor, and homeless communities can come to relax, read books and zines, access the internet, and organize around their day-to-day struggles in a politicized sanctuary, sheltered from the everyday dangers subaltern people face in Surrey.

BUDGET: $32,000

Costs: Rent ($2,666 per month)

We are inviting you to join the movement: as a sustaining donor you will be part of the foundation that this movement is accountable to, making your donation political.