For Immediate Release
January 11, 2021

BREAKING: Surrey tenants and supporters resisting unlawful eviction with bailiffs at the door

UNCEDED KWANTLEN, KATZIE, QAYQAYT, KWIKWETLEM TERRITORIES: Two Surrey tenants are facing homelessness as an unscrupulous landlord has fabricated reason to send bailiffs to their door.

With bailiffs and movers in their suite, Brandon and Natasha have barricaded themselves in a bedroom along with organizers with the Eviction Defence Network. They have access to a balcony that looks out on 99A Ave, off of 138th Street, Surrey.

WHAT: Standoff against unlawful eviction
WHERE: 9868 Whalley Blvd, Surrey (First floor balcony facing 99A Ave and 138th St)

Roommates Brandon and Natasha received an eviction notice on November 7th for failure to pay rent. They responded by paying their rent, in two installments by etransfer, within the 5-day deadline dictated by BC’s Residential Tenancy Act. They figured that ended the matter and paid their December rent as usual.

Then, on Dec 8th, building management gave them an order from the Residential Tenancy Branch stating that they had to vacate the premises within 2 days. Brandon said they didn’t know they were being evicted and, “They never even told us there was a hearing. The landlord is shady.”

Brandon and Natasha filed a dispute with the Residential Tenancy Branch, explaining that the landlord received their order to vacate under false pretenses. And, in response, they received a hearing date.

Again, they figured that ended their January eviction date, because evictions are put on hold until an adjudicator can make a ruling.

But on the morning of January 11th at 10am, the bailiffs showed up at their door, carrying a writ of possession.

Eviction Defence Network organizer Listen Chen said, “The landlord, Top Vision Realty, got the eviction notice by lying about notifying the tenants about the hearing. Now they got a writ of possession by lying about the tenants hearing. This is an illegal eviction.”

Reviews of Top Vision Realty online bear this out. One review after another from former tenants accuse Top Vision of lying, stealing, and unprofessional conduct.