Sunday January 10th

Surrey Street Council

Weekly campaign meeting of street community leaders in Surrey

This week’s discussion focused on the ongoing problem of bylaw harassment and theft. We decided to launch a “stop the sweeps” campaign to address this problem, starting by surveying the community on their experiences. We also debriefed the last Whalley Centre shift and planned for the next one.

Red Braid Membership Meeting

Bi-weekly meeting of all members of Red Braid 

We held a discussion of the mass movements of 2020, including the Wet’suwet’en movement and George Floyd Uprising, considered our relationship to these struggles, and drew lessons for the future. We also planned our biannual assembly, which will be held in early February.

Monday January 11th 

Eviction Defense Action: Surrey tenants evicted by Top Vision Realty

The Eviction Defense Network received a call from two tenants, Natasha and Brandon, at 10am. Bailiffs had arrived at their door, carrying a writ of possession. Two Eviction Defense Network members went to their apartment to support the tenants’ resistance. The system’s eviction machinery, however, did not hesitate and they ultimately lost their home. The Eviction Defense Network will continue to organize for justice for Natasha and Brandon.

Praxis Committee

Weekly committee meeting to plan Red Braid’s internal and public education work

We prepared a syllabus on Italian and English autonomist feminism for a political education series on gender and socialist revolution.

Tuesday January 12th

Maple Ridge Resistance

Weekly campaign meeting of a street community group in Maple Ridge

Distributed a new “Anita News” newsletter with an article about behavioural agreements in supportive housing buildings.

COS Education Series: Gender and Socialist Revolution

Political education for Red Braid members, which we call Conditions of Struggle (COS)

This week was class six in our series on gender and socialist revolution, “Revolution in the Revolution”: Women in Cuban socialism.

Wednesday January 13th

Eviction Defense Network

Weekly campaign meeting of members of the Eviction Defense Network

We talked about the latest eviction defense action and ongoing organizing. We also started sharing our research findings from our first readings of the city plans in Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley, and Penticton.

Thursday January 14th

Cityviews Tenants’ Meeting

We met with low-income tenants at a building in Maple Ridge facing landlord threats and harassment. We planned a press conference and petition.

Bread, Roses & Hormones

Weekly meeting of Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans and non-binary people

We welcomed back a comrade from an organizing break and reoriented her to the campaign. We also discussed preparations for the Red Braid Winter Assembly at the end of January.

Friday January 15th

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

The Whalley Centre is a street-run space in Surrey, open every Friday from 11pm to 7am

Throughout the night, 26 visitors came to the Whalley Centre. We served soup and sandwiches, and trained two new Whalley Centre volunteers.

Saturday January 16th

New Member Education class

Bi-weekly education class held for new members of Red Braid. This week we discussed race power and white abolition.

Publishing done in this period

Besides the various leaflets and local newsletters, we also published the following Volcano articles:

The Volcano, The Volcano’s Top 12 of 2020

The Volcano, Lying landlord uses legal loopholes to evict tenants to the streets

Ivan Drury, Are ‘Behavioural Agreements’ the latest attack on the rights of Supportive Housing residents?