For Immediate Release
January 18 2021

“They’re pushing us all out!”: Low income tenants speak out against landlord’s evictions and abuse

MAPLE RIDGE, OCCUPIED KWANTLEN & KATZIE TERRITORY: Residents of Cityviews Village, a low-rise apartment building that was recently purchased by a private investment company, are speaking out against rampant abuse and intimidation by their landlord and building manager. Their landlord is using any means necessary to begin clearing out low income tenants so that rents can be raised.

In response to an email inquiring about how the company can offer investors such high returns, landlord Bill Mitsui explained, “the class of tenants has changed significantly, increasing our [rental] income,” leaving out that it’s only through evictions and harassment that poor tenants are leaving.

Tenants will speak out against an unlawful eviction that has already been served and share their stories of their landlord’s attempts to intimidate tenants into leaving by instituting expansive, unlawful rules.

What: Press conference
When: Tuesday, January 18th at 12 PM
Where: Cityviews Village, 11933 223rd Street, Maple Ridge
Who: Eviction Defense Network and tenants of Cityviews

Tenants are all low income and include many seniors and people with disabilities. One tenant was served an unlawful eviction notice for having a flower pot on her balcony deemed too large. Another was told she cannot leave through the front door on her scooter. A tenant in his 80s was coerced into signing a new lease agreement and pressured to move into an old people’s home. Tenant advocate, Listen Chen, was twice told they were banned from the property and that the police would be called if they didn’t leave, despite being an invited guest of multiple tenants.

Tenants have told the Eviction Defense Network that they are terrified of being evicted into homelessness and feel like they live in a prison with no privacy, subject constant intimidation and to extensive rules that fall outside the bounds of the Residential Tenancy Act.