For Immediate Release
January 26, 2021

Couple who live in a cabin they built face unlawful displacement by Coquitlam Bylaw

UNCEDED KWIKWETLEM TERRITORIES (Coquitlam): Sid and Sharon have been living in a cabin they built in Gates Park for nearly a year. But a few days ago, Coquitlam Bylaw informed them that they were being evicted. Sid and Sharon argue that their Section 7 Charter Rights are being violated, and that if the City of Coquitlam wants them back on the streets during a pandemic, they should get a Supreme Court judge to sign off on an injunction first.

Coquitlam Bylaw told Sharon and Sid they would come today, January 21, to throw away their belongings and that tomorrow, Wednesday, January 26, their home will be bulldozed. Sid and Sharon do not want to leave their home in the midst of the double crises of Covid-19 and homelessness.

Sharon said, “They’re not giving us any other options. The shelter is full. The hotel [run by Fraser Health] is full. Where do they expect us to go? It’s getting cold at night. This is completely inhumane.”

Sid and Sharon say they’ve taken good care of the land they’re on. Sid explained, “We cleaned the river. You wouldn’t believe the garbage in it. We cleaned the junk out.” Sharon added, “We keep the area clean. We’re still looking for housing but as it stands, until we find any, this is the best place for us. We’ve established a roof over our heads and we’re not bugging anyone. I don’t understand why it’s a problem.”