Trans power is built on the streets! Bread, Roses and Hormones needs your help

Trans Power is Built in the Streets! Support Trans People’s Organizing!

Donate to Bread, Roses, and Hormones so we can continue to connect with other low-income trans people in the fight for trans liberation!

Bread, Roses and Hormones is a trans liberationist group in Southwest B.C. made up of low-income trans women and non binary people, and our goal of Bread, Roses and Hormones is to bring other low-income trans people out of social isolation and into political organizing.

The problem we have identified in BRH is that there are an alarming amount of trans people who live in poverty and/or on the streets yet our presence is virtually non-existent in organized street communities, like tent cities, that BRH members have connections to. This means that trans people are isolated from other communities and from each other.

There are two corrections to this problem. Spaces we organize in have to be welcoming to trans people so trans people can become connected to larger communities in struggle. And trans people need to become connected to each other. We believe that both of these corrections can only be made through the political leadership of low-income trans people ourselves!

Our current focus is conducting a survey to identify and politicize the survival struggles of low-income trans people through our “Trans Power is Built in the Streets” survey and intervening against transphobia in our communities through outreach, education, and public agitation!

Donations and monthly cost breakdowns

We need to raise $435 dollars a month, or $5,200 dollars in 2021!

The members of Bread Roses and Hormones are all low-income trans people who are not paid for our labour and the people we organize alongside are mostly trans people on the street.

We do our organizing on a limited budget, sometimes out of pocket, because we do not take funding from the government or corporations. That means we rely on the monetary donations from people who are sympathetic to our political vision to ensure the fight can carry on!

Our campaign costs are relatively small. The break down of our costs are:

  • Printing (pamphlets, zines, posters, agendas, reading materials): $200/month or $2400/year
  • Food for interviews and weekly community meetings: $120/month or $1440/year
  • Transportation for survey participants: $35/month or $420/year
  • Technology fund (phone cards. computers for low-income trans people): $80 dollars/month or $960/year

We’re also happy to receive old phones, socks, winter gear, and pretty clothes for people who we meet through our organizing work!

Your donations, big and small, will go towards all of these things. We recommend that professionals and supporters with good paying jobs look deep in their pockets and we hope our low-income supporters who are unable to donate money will donate their energies by spreading the word and joining our campaigns!

We see donations as political contributions to BRH’s struggle for trans liberation. And we feel that having regular supporting donors keeps us accountable to people in our communities outside of our immediate struggle. Our campaign work is made possible by donations from folks like you!

Trans power is built on the streets! Connecting low-income trans people together in the fight for our survival

Our survey!

Our survey seeks to address the main conclusion that Bread, Roses and Hormones (BRH) came to through our own internal research of the experiences of trans people in British Columbia: there is not enough concrete information on trans people to gain meaningful conclusions about what trans people need and how to get it.  

Although there are numerous surveys and reports on transgender people and feminist equity reports tend to include trans women and sometimes non-binary people in their analysis, these surveys are not led by poor trans people ourselves and so we rarely see them and never get the final say on how they are used.

We have decided to begin conducting our own survey aimed at gathering the collective experience of poor trans people in the cities we are active in so we can establish connections between poor trans people to each other and to revolutionary political organizing through our campaign, BRH.

There are two major goals of the survey. The first is to understand the conditions of poor Indigenous and working class trans people and recruit people who took the survey to help us adjust, refine, and then carry out the survey alongside us. The second is to offer Bread, Roses and Hormones as an ongoing space for survey participants to analyze our collective experiences and strategize our fight for trans liberation.

How the survey impacts our communities!

During the first survey Bread Roses and Hormones did, Vanessa, a young Indigenous trans woman, told us about an instance where a security guard assaulted her in a public mall for using the women’s washroom. In our first follow up with her, we came up with a plan together to file a Human Rights Code  complaint and launch a campaign against violence towards trans people in public places.

“There’s only a small group of us in BRH now, but I feel like there could be so much more.” – Vanessa

In the next few interviews, two trans women spoke to how being able to transition and live openly has life or death stakes. BRH has responded by launching a campaign demanding free hormones, surgery, therapy, and quality healthcare.

“The past was bad for us but it wasn’t necessarily bad for a lot of people. We’re winning and we’ll keep on winning. Depression is the idea that it takes a long time for things to change. Just having one friend in the world that believes in you can make a change. I believe in you.” – Sonya

I go from seeing queer and trans people on the street downtown to not seeing them at all, which makes me worried that something bad happened to them. […] With all of the bullying and violence, if there was something in place like a trans network, I could really benefit from that. I would feel so much safer, and feel at home here.


If you found me a month before getting my surgery, you would have seen that I was ready to jump off a bridge.


We believe that this survey will bring trans people, who are spread out geographically and socially isolated, together in the fight for our lives.

You can read more about our work below:

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Red Reports: Weekly updates published by Red Braid

Facebook: Our zines, pamphlet, and survey

Bread, Roses and Hormones organizes on unceded Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, Katzie, Qayqayt, Kwantlen, Kwikwetlem, and Snuneymuxw territories (Vancouver, Surrey, and Nanaimo, BC).

Bread, Roses and Hormones is affiliated with the revolutionary anti-colonial and anti-capitalist political organization Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism and The Volcano newspaper.

  • Any questions about donating? Email us at or call (604) 630-1722‬

  • Every penny donated will go directly towards Bread Roses & Hormones work

  • Please note that we are not a registered charity and cannot provide you with a tax receipt