Saturday and Monday, February 13th and 15th

Red Braid Alliance: Winter Assembly 2021

In an opening statement for the two-day assembly, Red Braid member Ivan writes “After a long, challenging founding year, we in Red Braid have found ourselves celebrating our one year anniversary.” At our last assembly, in the summer of 2020, we theorized our work and our relations with each other, and set goals for the remainder of the year. Six months later, we came together to share our experiences and analyse the work we’ve been doing in our various campaigns. While not every benchmark was achieved in the throes of a worsening pandemic, the politics and leadership that guide our survival struggle work are clearer and stronger than ever.

You can read more about our Winter Assembly in the weeks to come!

Eviction defence in Delta

The Eviction Defence Network (EDN) met with a woman in Delta, living with three other adults and four children, who are facing eviction. Since they moved into their home in July, there’s been no heat and the dishwasher has been. The landlord has ignored these concerns.

From December to February, the tenants were unable to pay rent. Their landlord contacted them in early February to propose a retroactive rent reduction and repayment plan, but days later, he posted an order of possession on their door. The tenants believe the landlord only proposed the deal to get more money out of them, before throwing them to the streets. EDN supported the tenants file against the eviction to delay the bailiffs, and suggested they contact other tenants living in the five other properties in the neighbourhood owned by the same slumlord.

Tuesday February 16th

Maple Ridge Resistance

Weekly meeting of a street community group in Maple Ridge. 

Maple Ridge Resistance decided to change up our weekly work. Rather than hold a static single meeting in the park where we try to lure people with the promise of riveting discussion and hot food, we want to go out into the community and do targeted outreach and research towards mobilization and organization. We created a housing survey to get quantitative information about how many people have been evicted from supportive housing and rent subsidized market housing, and qualitative information about how people feel about the management and operation of supportive housing and what experiences they have had.

On Tuesday we took the survey out to the old modular housing buildings, set up a table outside by the sidewalk, and did surveys with 7 people.

COS Education Series: Dissecting Fascism

Political education for Red Braid members, which we call Conditions of Struggle (COS). 

Red Braid members from Nanaimo and Olympia hosted our first COS class with the purpose of political education and recruitment of people outside of the Vancouver area. This week we read Sojourner Truth Organization’s “Theses on Fascism” and Alberto Toscano’s “The Long Shadow of Racial Fascism,” and discussed the opposing definitions of “fascism” that these two articles posed.

Wednesday February 17th

Eviction Defence Network

Weekly campaign meeting of members of the Eviction Defence Network.

The Eviction Defence Network is working on a research project on gentrification, starting by analysing city plans for areas where we are active, including Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and Langley. If you want to connect with EDN and join us on outreach days, call 604-630-1722!

Thursday February 18th

Bread, Roses and Hormones

Weekly meeting of Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans and non-binary people

This week BRH welcomed two new non-binary people to our network. We workshopped a presentation that we plan to give at the Surrey Women’s Centre in the next few weeks, titled “Fighting For Subaltern Trans Power: An introduction to Bread, Roses and Hormones,” and we discussed next steps in launching our “Universal Trans Care Now!” campaign with leafleting actions in Nanaimo and Vancouver.

Friday February 19th

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

The Whalley Centre is an overnight warming centre, run by the Surrey Street Council and open every Friday from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. This week was slower than usual, with 22 people accessing the space throughout the night. Two women came to the centre after being assaulted, one of whom said, “I came straight here after leaving the hospital, because this is my safe space.” This experience drives home the importance of ensuring the Whalley Centre is a space where low-income women can support one another to survive and resist gender violence.

Donate to the Whalley Centre via GoFundMe, PayPal, e-transfer, or cheque here: Contact us at 604-630-1722 or to donate disposable face masks, coats, blankets, socks, gloves, and other supplies.

Upcoming events!

Conditions of Struggle: Dissecting Fascism

Six bi-weekly online classes hosted by Red Braid members in Nanaimo, BC and Olympia, WA.

Class 2 on March 2nd, 2021 at 6:30 pm tackles middle class moral panic, liberal disorder, and the rising fascist tide! Email for the readings!