Hello! We are the Queer Youth Defence Network. We’re a group of queer youth who want to support and defend other youth.

We believe homophobia, transphobia, and sexism have got to go! The school system is our enemy because it teaches us not to fight back. The system keeps things the way they are – so everything is better for the people who are already in power, not for us. Schools are like factories making people that fit into the capitalist system. And if you don’t fit, then they don’t care about you at all.

We want to make workshops for other queer and trans youth. We want to give realistic support that’s not sugar-coated. Youth need the real answers to questions about sex and sexuality, consent and sexual assault, and discrimination and oppression. We need to learn how to fight back!

We are currently focusing on creating workshops, but we hope this will turn into something bigger. The Queer Youth Defence Network is still developing, so we want to know what you need from us, what your experiences are, and what you want to learn. We want to know about issues youth face at school that schools don’t ever talk about.

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