Sunday April 4th

Coordinating Committee Meeting

Bi-weekly meeting of the Red Braid CC, tasked with planning organizational work over the coming week.

This week we set organizing priorities for the spring, prepared for an upcoming Marxist Center panel titled “Revolutionary Organizations Today,” problem-solved campaign work in Olympia, and discussed how Red Braid as a whole can support the launch of a racialized people’s survey.

Tuesday April 6th

Eviction Defence Network: RTB Advocacy

The Eviction Defence Network helped a supportive housing resident file a complaint with the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Wednesday April 7th

Eviction Defence Network

Weekly campaign meeting of members of the Eviction Defence Network.

At this meeting, we discussed ongoing organizing in Burnaby and Maple Ridge, brainstormed ideas for our monthly network-wide meeting, and planned for the upcoming Autonomous Tenants Union Network town hall this Saturday.

Marxist Center Internal Newsletter Working Group

Red Braid is affiliated with the Marxist Center. One of our members sits on the internal newsletter working group, which assembles a regular bulletin for Marxist Center members.

Autonomous Tenants Union Network organizing meeting

Red Braid’s Eviction Defence Network is affiliated with the Autonomous Tenants Union Network (ATUN). Our delegate participates in regular organizing meetings. 

Surrey Street Council

Weekly campaign meeting of street community leaders in Surrey.

We debriefed the last Whalley Centre shift and prepared for the next one. We also continued work on our “Stop the Sweeps” campaign and finalized outreach materials for a “Ceremony of Stolen Lives” community memorial event for the end of April.

Thursday April 8th

Marxist Centre Delegate Council meeting

Red Braid is affiliated with the Marxist Center. We have a member who sits on the Delegate Council.

Bread, Roses & Hormones

Weekly meeting of Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans and non-binary people.

This week BRH discussed the limits of relying on state power, like police and government policies, to “deplatform” rightwing anti-trans activists. We also passed a proposal to host a semi-public political education series on women’s struggles in the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban revolutions this summer.

Friday April 9th

Conditions of Struggle: Dissecting Fascism

Political education for Red Braid members, which we call Conditions of Struggle (COS).

We repeated last week’s discussion of Audra Simpson’s “The State is a Man: Theresa Spence, Loretta Saunders and the Gendered Cost of Settler Sovereignty in Canada” for Red Braid members in the Lower Mainland.

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

The Whalley Centre is open every Friday from 11pm to 7am. It is run by the Surrey Street Council. 

Throughout the night, about 25 people used the space, including many new faces. We served chilli, accepted a box of much-needed donations, and trained a new volunteer, who rated their experience at the Whalley Centre a “10 out of 10.”

Donate to the Whalley People’s Resource Centre. The weather is getting warmer, but it is still cold at night. We need coats, blankets, gloves, socks, and clean underwear!

Saturday April 10th

A Movement of the Evicted: Town Hall on Houseless Tenant Struggles

Red Braid members Wanda Stopa and Tana Copperthwaite shared their experiences and analysis as tent city leaders in Surrey and Maple Ridge, respectively, on an online panel organized by the Autonomous Tenants Union Network. They spoke alongside organizers from Echo Park Rise Up in Los Angeles, the South Side Tenants Union in Chicago, and Don’t Evict PDX in Portland, to an audience of over 70 people.

Upcoming events

Conditions of Struggle: Dissecting Fascism

Six bi-weekly online classes hosted by Red Braid members in Nanaimo, BC and Olympia, WA.

Class 5, on April 13 at 5:30pm, is about the relationship between democracy, civil society, and fascism. Email for the readings!