Sunday April 11th

Red Braid Member Meeting

Bi-weekly meeting of all members of Red Braid.

At this week’s meeting, we debriefed the recent Autonomous Tenants Union townhall, discussed campaign work in the Downtown Eastside, followed up on decisions from our Winter Assembly, and accepted a new member into Red Braid.

Monday April 12th

Tent city press conference (Olympia, WA)

A Red Braid member living in Olympia, Washington supported Wheeler tent city residents to hold a press conference critiquing the Regional Housing Council’s “Scattered Site Support Program,” which attempts to normalize homelessness while stripping away homeless people’s autonomy and agency.

Kyaw Din press conference

Alongside the family of Kyaw Din, who was murdered by the RCMP in 2019, Red Braid organized an online press conference. The Din family spoke to journalists about their request to Attorney General David Eby and the IIO to send Kyaw’s file to the Crown, as well as the many inconsistencies in the IIO’s report.

Praxis Committee

Weekly committee meeting to plan Red Braid’s internal and public education work.

We prepared for the fifth class in our political education series on fascism, which will focus on Antonio Gramsci’s theory of hegemony.

Tuesday April 13th

Maple Ridge Resistance

Weekly campaign meeting of a street community group in Maple Ridge.

This was our first meeting after a nearly month-long break due to Covid self-isolations. We set up a table outside a modular housing project, talked with people, and filled in our survey about supportive housing, rent subsidies, and homelessness.

COS Education Series: Dissecting Fascism

Political education for Red Braid members, which we call Conditions of Struggle (COS).

Red Braid members from Nanaimo and Olympia hosted our fifth COS class with the purpose of political education and recruitment of people outside of the Vancouver area. This week we read Antonia Gramsci’s “Relations between structure and superstructure,” from his Prison Notebooks.

Thursday April 15th

Bread, Roses & Hormones

Weekly meeting of Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans and non-binary people.

This week we discussed and critiqued government legislative and policy reforms to trans people’s access to identification and adequate healthcare. We also clarified tactics for relating to anti-trans protests.

Friday April 16th

Recruitment strategy meeting

Red Braid members met to develop a recruitment strategy for 2021. If you’re curious about becoming a member, learn more at Or send us an email or get in touch over Twitter or Facebook.

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

The Whalley Centre is open every Friday from 11pm to 7am. It is run by the Surrey Street Council. 

It was a slow night, with only about 15 people using the space. But there was lively conversation and activity throughout the night. As one Red Braid member said, “The Whalley Centre is more than a drop-in: it is a free cafe, restaurant, clothing store, patio bar, doctors office, library, and a place to talk politics.”

Donate to the Whalley People’s Resource Centre. The weather is getting warmer, but it is still cold at night. We need coats, blankets, gloves, socks, and clean underwear!

Saturday April 17th

Autonomous Tenants Union Network: Delegates meeting

Red Braid’s Eviction Defence Network is affiliated with the Autonomous Tenants Union Network (ATUN). Our delegate participates in regular ATUN meetings. 

Marxist Center: Organizational Perspectives Panel and Discussion

Red Braid member Mercedes Courtoreille presented on Indigenous sovereignty struggles in an online panel alongside members of Philly Socialists, Unity & Struggle, and CounterPower.

Indigenous Leadership Council meeting

The Indigenous Leadership Council is holding community meetings once a week with our social base unless COVID prevents us. As we experiment with struggle, wish us power!

Upcoming events

Conditions of Struggle: Dissecting Fascism

Six bi-weekly online classes hosted by Red Braid members in Nanaimo, BC and Olympia, WA.

Class 6 in our political education series on facism is titled “… and how to fight it.” On April 27 at 5:30pm, we will discuss strategies for resisting fascism. Email for the readings!