Sunday May 9th

Red Braid member meeting

Bi-weekly membership meeting

We had a discussion about how gender as a social system shapes our own subjectivities (how we feel, act in, and respond to the world). We discussed the limitations of expecting “consent 101” education to mitigate gender violence and we updated our accountability process to include a specific policy on sexual assault.

Monday May 10th

Court appearance

Two Red Braid members pleaded guilty to Mischief charges in exchange for a conditional discharge and the dropping of Break and Enter charges, relating to the 2018 Schoolhouse Squat. Donate to our legal defence fund here!

Whalley Warrior Women meeting

It was the first meeting of a new women’s group in Surrey. A small group of women from the street community attended and brainstormed ideas for the fledgling women’s group, shared personal stories of family relationships, trauma, and loss, and talked about the need for women’s spaces.

Praxis meeting

The Praxis Committee discussed using A Separate Star, a book Red Braid wrote and is working on a second edition of, as the next topic for our internal study series, Conditions of Struggle.

Tuesday May 11th

Maple Ridge Resistance meeting

Weekly campaign meeting

We continued planning an upcoming action to push for housing and an end to the “homeless industrial complex,” which includes shelters, supportive housing, rent subsidies, and market housing.

Wednesday May 12th

Eviction Defence Network

Weekly campaign meeting

We welcomed a new member and planned the upcoming Dow Avenue Tenant Group rally on May 15th.

Thursday May 13th

RV camp meeting

An encampment of RVs is facing displacement in Vancouver and Red Braid is helping camp residents get organized. At the meeting they planned a press conference and rally to protest the criminalization of people who live in vehicles.

Bread, Roses & Hormones

Weekly campaign meeting

BRH discussed final preparations for our 2021 Socialist Feminist Summer School and decided to develop a round-up of the current wave of anti-trans bills in the United States.

Friday May 14th

Schoolhouse Squat legal defence fundraiser goes live!

We launched a fundraiser to recoup legal fees and pay restitution for our participation in the 2018 Schoolhouse Squat in Nanaimo. Check out our video, Long Live the Schoolhouse Squat!

Marxist Center Communications Committee

Red Braid is a member of the Marxist Center and sits on the Communications Committee, which oversees Red Bard, the internal journal.

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

The Whalley Center is in transition to summer hours. Donate to the Whalley People’s Resource Centre to support expanded summer hour programming!

Saturday May 15th

Rally against the failure of Burnaby’s Tenant Assistant Policy

Red Braid’s Eviction Defence Network and the Dow Avenue Tenant Group held a rally to expose the failure that is the City of Burnaby’s celebrated “tenant assistant policy” and to call for an end to rezonings and demovictions. See photos of the action here.

Marxist Center panel

Red Braid attended an internal Marxist Center panel on questions of revolutionary organization.

Nakba 73 rally

Red Braid attended a rally marking 73 years of Nakba in solidarity with Palestine, organized by BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish, Canada Palestine Association, Palestinian Youth Movement, and Samidoun. See photos of the action here.

Upcoming events!

Justice for Georgia! Rally against Indigenous child apprehension and abuse

Friday May 21st at 2 pm at the MCFD office in Surrey (13680 105A Ave). See more here.

Publishing done in this period

Besides the various leaflets and local newsletters, we also published the following Volcano articles:

Isabel Krupp, Justice for Georgia: An Indigenous mother’s fight against child apprehension

The Volcano, Schoolhouse Squat criminal case ends with conditional discharge