Sunday May 30th

Red Braid Coordinating Committee Meeting

Bi-weekly meeting of the Red Braid CC, tasked with planning organizational work over the coming week.

Holland Park Memorial Launch

Red Braid member Ali Colligan set up a candlelight vigil at Holland Park in Surrey for the 215 unmarked graves discovered at the Kamloops Residential School. See photos here.

Monday May 31st 

Eviction Defence Network: Judicial Review Hearing

The Eviction Defence Network supported a tenant seeking a stay of her eviction through a judicial review at the Supreme Court.

Tuesday June 1st

Maple Ridge Resistance: Model Tent City

Unhoused leaders in Maple Ridge launched a “model tent city” at Memorial Peace Park. Within hours, Bylaw and RCMP officers cracked down on protesters, tearing apart tents, seizing possessions, and arresting four activists in an unlawful act of police repression. See photos here.

Organizing for Power Training

Red Braid is organizing a cohort of tenant leaders to participate in Organizing for Power, a weekly skills-based training and networking program led by lead educator Jane McAlevey.

Thursday June 3rd

Eviction Defence Network: Judicial Review Hearing

The Eviction Defence Network continued supporting a tenant with her judicial review. After four court dates and a three-hour hearing, the tenant won her eviction stay! But (and this is a big but), the judge also ordered her to pay all rent owed to the landlord by June 10th.

Marxist Center Delegates Council

Red Braid is affiliated with the Marxist Center. We have a member on the Delegate Council who participates in bi-monthly meetings.

Holland Park Memorial: Balloon Release

Red Braid member Ali Colligan organized a balloon release ceremony to honour the 215 children killed at the Kamloops Residential School.

Bread, Roses & Hormones Meeting

Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans and non-binary people, met to reflect on our recent work and plan the final tasks for our Socialist Feminist Summer School next week.

Friday June 4th

Our Homes Can’t Wait Meeting

Red Braid is part of the coalition Our Homes Can’t Wait, along with other housing justice organizers in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

As the days get warmer, we are transitioning to summer hours: the Whalley Centre will now be open on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This week, about 15 people came inside to chat, get donations, coffee, and snacks, or use the washroom.