June 6th to 12th, 2021

This was a quiet week because Red Braid took an organizational break to focus on finishing the second edition of our collectively-authored book, A Separate Star: Our Politics and Strategy for Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist, and Anti-Imperialist Struggle.

Sunday June 6th

Red Braid Member Meeting

We debriefed the recent string of actions: the march to demand justice for Georgia and all children in foster care, the rally to defend the Slocan RV camp, the Model Tent City in Maple Ridge, and the Dow Avenue Tenants Group’s first rally in Burnaby. We also accepted two new members into Red Braid.

Socialist Unity Assembly Meeting

Red Braid participated in a meeting of the Socialist Unity Assembly, a network based in Metro Vancouver.

Tuesday June 8th

Maple Ridge Resistance Meeting

We debriefed the “Model Tent City” action and started planning next steps.

Organizing for Power Training

Red Braid is organizing a cohort of tenant leaders to participate in Organizing for Power, a weekly skills-based training and networking program led by lead educator Jane McAlevey.

Wednesday June 9th

Block the Boat: Palestine Solidarity Action

Red Braid members participated in the Block the Boat action, organized by a number of local anti-Zionist and Palestinian organizations.

Eviction Defence Network Meeting

We discussed how to continue building our network against disorganization and the trap of advocacy, and we reflected on our strategy to fight all evictions at the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Thursday June 10th

Bread, Roses & Hormones Meeting

This week we discussed strategies to connect low-income trans people to mixed-gender class struggle organizations and movements.

Friday June 11th

Our Homes Can’t Wait Meeting

Red Braid is part of the coalition Our Homes Can’t Wait, along with other housing justice organizers in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver

Whalley People’s Resource Centre

As the days get warmer, we are transitioning to summer hours: the Whalley Centre will now be open on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This Friday, about 20 people came inside to chat, get donations, coffee, harm reduction and first aid supplies, and snacks, or use the washroom.