Organizational Structure

Red Braid is a membership-based organization. All members agree to our Basis of Unity and Accountability Process, and actively participate in the life of the organization through campaign, committee, and administrative work; community and member care; political analysis; and collective, consensus-based decision-making. The relationship between Red Braid and its membership is reciprocal: members are accountable to Red Braid, and Red Braid is accountable to each member.

Coordinating Committee

Red Braid members elect a seven-person Coordinating Committee for a term of 6-12 months. One seat is held for a delegate from the Indigenous Leadership Council and another seat is held for a delegate from Nanaimo. The Coordinating Committee is responsible for preparing member meeting agendas, chairing meetings, coordinating between campaigns, and making urgent decisions.

Indigenous Leadership Council

The Indigenous Leadership Council works to build Indigenous leadership within struggles that also include non-Indigenous people, including within unhoused and criminalized communities. Our organizing carves out space for low-income Indigenous people to identify and fight colonialism, and decolonize the urban Indigenous community, alongside a parallel struggle against capitalism.

Support & Accountability Committee

Every year, Red Braid members elect a three-person Support and Accountability Committee (SAC), which is responsible for carrying out accountability processes between members and responding to any concerns we may receive from people in our communities. Contact the SAC at