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Indigenous Leadership Council

The Indigenous Leadership Council works to build Indigenous leadership within struggles that also include non-Indigenous people, including within unhoused and criminalized communities. Our organizing carves out space for low-income Indigenous people to identify and fight colonialism, and decolonize the urban Indigenous community, alongside a parallel struggle against capitalism. We think of these struggles as Indigenous community defense and home defense struggles.

We also organize to support and advance struggles to defend the land against resource extraction, land dispossession, and national domination. We think of these struggles as land defence. Urban Indigenous people are not “allies” in land defence struggles; we are part of land defence because we can use our tactical advantage in cities and towns to shut down the transit hubs, financial office towers, and city centres that direct resource extraction, and because Indigenous people and communities are inseparable from the land. To be Indigenous and exercise Indigeneity is to defend the land, no matter where we are. The struggle for sovereignty is to defend the land, Indigenous homes, lives, communities, and therefore, nationhood.

Please read our position statement “Decolonization and the anti-colonial struggles of urban Indigenous kin” to gain a deeper understanding of our work.

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