Unceded and Occupied Lekwungen & W̱SÁNEĆ Territories

Red Braid (then known as Alliance Against Displacement) began organizing in Victoria in 2015, when a group of homeless people set up tents on the lawn of the downtown courthouse, establishing Super InTent City. When the tent city was closed by a court injunction won by the Province of British Columbia in the summer of 2017, residents were moved into supportive housing at 844 Johnson Street. They continued to organize and fight against the prison-like conditions of “supportive housing.” The Johnston Street residents won a victory in July 2017, when the Residential Tenancy Branch found that the supportive housing provider, Portland Hotel Society, must respect their rights under the Residential Tenancy Act. Red Braid also organized with Namegans Nation, an Indigenous-led tent city that existed in Saanich, a suburb outside of Victoria, throughout the summer of 2018.

Red Braid currently has no organizers based in Victoria. If you are living in Victoria and interested in getting involved in our work, please get in touch.

Updates and Events

“Defending tent city is a fight for our lives”: Residents of Camp Namegans speak out as the City of Saanich applies for a Supreme Court injunction

The City of Saanich has applied for a Supreme Court injunction to displace Camp Namegans, a two-month-old, Indigenous-led tent city that has provided a home for over 90 people who were previously dispersed across Saanich and Victoria.

July 24th, 2018|

Banning camping will not end homelessness: And addressing other myths about homelessness in Victoria

Banning people from sheltering in specific outdoor locations does nothing to address homelessness – it only makes public spaces more hostile to poor, racialized, and Indigenous people.

February 21st, 2018|

Investing in police is divesting from our communities. No to VicPD budget increases for health and social services.

Alliance Against Displacement strongly opposes the proposed VicPD budget increase of almost $2.5 million, much of which will be dedicated to criminalizing low-income, Indigenous, and racialized people.

January 3rd, 2018|

“Whiners” Occupying BC Housing Office Demand Social Housing Now and Hands Off Victoria’s Tent City!

This morning, Alliance Against Displacement occupied the BC Housing office, demanding that the Province cancel the injunction against Super InTent City, and start building 10,000 units of social housing across BC every year until homelessness is over.

July 7th, 2016|