Rally to defend Anita Place and call for homes not prison camps!

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Tuesday March 5th, 4:00pm outside Anita Place tent city on 223rd St and 117 Ave. Support Anita Place Tent City – call for fire safe heating now, and for the Province to buy the apartment building across the street for social housing at 100% welfare/pension rate.

The frontlines of struggle against colonialism are everywhere: Alliance Against Displacement statement in unity with the Wet’suwet’en

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For Indigenous people displaced from our territories, who have made the city our home, and for working class people dedicated to dismantling the colonial project, the struggle at Unist’ot’en is our struggle.

RALLY: Communities Not Cops! Divest from Police, Invest in People

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Rally against police power on November 24 at 2:00pm outside Surrey City Hall. Massive funding for police comes at the expense of social programs and resources, like community centres and youth programs, which could actually address some of the root causes of violence in our communities. By divesting from the police, we can invest in real community solutions.

Public Panel: Against Policing & the Politics of Fear in Surrey

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Join us for a panel and discussion Thurs, Nov. 8, 7:00 pm at KPU. Members of Anti-Police Power Surrey will discuss issues related to "crime" and policing, including the gang panic, the criminalization of poverty, immigration detention, and alternatives to policing.

Spend the surplus! Metrotown residents challenge candidates to do “more than a moratorium” and use the budgetary surplus for non-market housing

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Stop Demovictions Burnaby and Metrotown tenants facing demoviction challenge Mayoral candidate Mike Hurley and the Green Party to adopt our vision of “more than a moratorium!” and implement policies to preserve the working class and tenant-majority character of Metrotown.

Emergency Counter-Rally to Stop Racism & Defend Discontent City!

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Discontent City and Alliance Against Displacement plan a counter-rally against an anti-homeless march in Nanaimo organized by “Action Against Discontent City” and the white supremacist gang Soldiers of Odin. [...]

Poverty and Discontent: The roots of anti-homeless hate

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Join us this Friday, July 13th, in Nanaimo for a public panel and discussion: Poverty & Discontent: The roots of anti-homeless hate. Friday, July 13th at 7:00pm Beban Park [...]