“We’re taking back the Strip!” Surrey’s newest tent city resists displacement

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Residents named the new tent city "Whalley World" in honour of the low-income neighbourhood that the City of Surrey is trying to rebrand and sell off to developers. People are tired of watching luxury condo towers go up while their friends are evicted to the streets, and they are fighting back!

“We don’t need more condos”: Whalley residents rally against gentrification 

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On Saturday June 20th, residents of Whalley are rallying on 135A Street, the former site of the tent city known as the Surrey Strip, against Mayor McCallum’s plan to push low-income residents out of the neighbourhood and hand Whalley over to the rich.

“It feels like a death sentence!” Landlord threatens to evict tenants in the midst of the pandemic

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After living in their apartment for seven years, Michelle and her partner are facing an imminent eviction. Their building was sold at the end of March for $3.4 million. "They want to throw us out in the middle of a pandemic with no time to find a place," says Michelle.

Canada’s COVID-19 response is a “death sentence for homeless people”

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Homeless activists are calling a press conference to demand that the government redirect resources to poor communities, so that they can take care of their own health and safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surrey RCMP and Bylaw seize homeless people’s belongings

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Five homeless people lost their belongings when police and bylaw officers raided their tents this morning. “They left us with nothing but the clothes on our backs,” said one of the victims of the raid.

“Help us keep each other safe”: Sanctuary Tent City calls for talks with Surrey Fire Chief

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Tent city residents worry that the City of Surrey will use "fire safety" concerns to justify displacement, which would ultimately undermine campers' safety.

Surrey Bylaw officers threaten to displace new homeless camp, homeless campers announce plans to resist

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Surrey bylaw enforcement officers are threatening to displace over 50 homeless people, who are camping in a wooded lot off of King George Blvd past 112th Ave, which campers have named ‘Sanctuary.’

Former residents of the Surrey Strip: “The only difference is now we’re scattered and hidden”

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One year has passed since police, city workers, and social workers cleared nearly 100 tents off the 135A Street “Surrey Strip”. Homeless activists say the anniversary is nothing to celebrate.

Drug Users Threaten Direct Action to Prevent Impending Overdose Crisis in Maple Ridge

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On June 5th, current and former camp residents, drug users, and activists will challenge Fraser Health to ignore local anti-drug user rhetoric and open a lifesaving OPS to replace the one shut down by Mayor Morden.