Tenants plan to refuse today’s unlawful and unnecessary eviction order from the Township of Langley

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Five tenants are facing imminent eviction led by the Township of Langley. With nowhere to go, no support from City Council, and a Residential Tenancy hearing scheduled for next week, the household plans to hold their ground and stay in their home.

Tenants picket landlord’s mansion after he locks them out of their homes

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Twenty tenants with the Dow Avenue Tenants Group and the Eviction Defence Network paid a visit to Peterson CEO Ben Yeung’s multi-million dollar home

“The IIO is blocking our access to justice”: Family of man murdered by RCMP call on Attorney General to join their fight against police brutality

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The family of Kyaw Din, who was killed by RCMP officers in 2019, is calling on the Attorney General to join them in their efforts to get justice for Kyaw. They also call on the IIO to overturn its unjust decision to exonerate the police officers.

Surrey Bylaw Officers Steal from the Homeless, protestors say

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On March 1st, bylaw officers seized Shiloh Cheyanna Ghostkeeper’s belongings, including the tent, bedding, and warm clothes she needs to survive winter nights on the streets of Surrey. The community is organizing to stop the street sweeps.

Township of Langley evicting tenants to pave affordable housing to put up a parking lot

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Maureen and her roommates are working with the Eviction Defence Network to hold a news conference and demand that the Township of Langley stop the bulldozers that will push them into homelessness.

Investor-landlord hires bailiff to evict low-income, disabled man

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Curtis Lachance, a low-income man living with disabilities, was evicted by a bailiff yesterday for failure to pay rent that he's already paid. His family believes that his landlord violated human rights law in their treatment of Curtis and is looking into filing a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

Coquitlam Bylaw evict couple from their riverside cabin

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Coquitlam Bylaw told Sharon and Sid they would come today, January 21, to throw away their belongings and that tomorrow, Wednesday, January 26, their home will be bulldozed. Sid and Sharon do not want to leave their home in the midst of the double crises of Covid-19 and homelessness.

“They’re pushing us all out!”: Low income tenants speak out against landlord’s evictions and abuse

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Residents of Cityviews Village, a low-rise apartment building that was recently purchased by a private investment company, are speaking out against rampant abuse and intimidation by their landlord and building manager. Their landlord is using any means necessary to begin clearing out low income tenants so that rents can be raised.