Misgendering is Sexual Harassment!

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This pamphlet was developed by Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans women and non-binary people. Misgendering is a fixation on trans people's bodies to control our genders and sexualities. It is a form of sexual harassment that must be fought on every front!

A People’s Plan for Metrotown

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The People's Plan for Metrotown is a radical re-envisioning of what a community plan truly needs to be. It is made up of two parts. First, it unpacks three planning principles for development that will increase density without displacing the existing residents. Second, it puts forward a call to action to the community with strategies for collective organizing and resistance to displacement.

Dunblane Demovictions Report

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In 2016, Stop Demovictions Burnaby conducted a social impact survey on the square block at Dunblane and Imperial just east of Metrotown where over two hundred apartment units have been or will be soon demolished. We found that people experience demovictions as disorienting, violent forces in their lives: communities are being displaced, people are being pushed out of Burnaby, residents feel stressed and unable to cope, and their future is unknown.