Public statements written by Red Braid, generally in response to a current event.

Anti-Asian misogyny is state power: On the mass shooting in Georgia

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These terrible moments of anti-Asian racism are not only problems of bad individuals – they are a direct expression of the anxieties of Anglo-American empire in response to China's economic rise.

No War on China! Joining the global movement against a new cold war

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Red Braid opposes the Western imperialist bloc that is reassembling against China, and especially, Canada’s central role in it. We believe the working class in the West must stand with the working class in China, not with Western imperial power. That means opposing war on China without compromise, and fighting sinophobia and the Canadian state head on. 

Q&A about Red Braid and the Stewart Squat

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In response to the Stewart Squat, Red Braid received questions and critiques from Indigenous youth and others who support the struggles of low-income Indigenous and working-class people against the forces of colonialism and capitalism. We’ve been going through posts and comments, grouping them under some themes, and have responded here.

We fight for Wet’suwet’en sovereignty, the extinction of fossil fuel capitalism, and the defeat of Canada

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Alliance Against Displacement is on the side of the Wet’suwet’en nation, and of all Indigenous peoples and nations against Canada’s imperialist rule of law.

Alliance Against Displacement stands in solidarity with the Black Vests

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We stand with the Black Vests, a group of undocumented immigrants living in shelters and the streets across Paris Region, against criminalization and displacement.

Defund Vancouver Rape Relief: AAD’s presentation to Vancouver City Council

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We call for the City of Vancouver to defund Vancouver Rape Relief, an organization that enacts violence against trans and two-spirit people.

The frontlines of struggle against colonialism are everywhere: Alliance Against Displacement statement in unity with the Wet’suwet’en

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For Indigenous people displaced from our territories, who have made the city our home, and for working class people dedicated to dismantling the colonial project, the struggle at Unist’ot’en is our struggle.

Homeless people rising: Solidarity with Oakland’s homeless movement, The Village

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Alliance Against Displacement extends solidarity to The Village, a self-organized homeless camp in East Oakland (Ohlone territory) that is facing an eviction today.

They get elected, we get evicted: Going beyond the inoffensive reforms of progressive political parties and the politics of the professional managerial class

2019-12-20T01:09:44-07:00Categories: Events and Updates, Public Statements|

In this statement, we develop our critique of the electoral politics of the right and progressive politicians in British Columbia’s 2018 municipal election.

Discontent City under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!

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This statement separates myths from facts about two events that happened in Nanaimo over the weekend: the Provincial government's housing announcement and the Schoolhouse Squat.