Public statements written by Red Braid, generally in response to a current event.

Discontent City under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!

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This statement separates myths from facts about two events that happened in Nanaimo over the weekend: the Provincial government's housing announcement and the Schoolhouse Squat.

No Unity with Transmisogynists or Sex Work Prohibitionists: AAD’s position on Vancouver Rape Relief

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Vancouver Rape Relief promotes trans antagonism and sex work prohibitionism, which puts trans women and sex workers at increased risk of violence.

Trans women and sex workers’ struggles are not secondary in anti-poverty and housing movements

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Alliance Against Displacement responds to Chinatown Action Group’s open letter aligning themselves with Rape Relief.

Banning camping will not end homelessness: And addressing other myths about homelessness in Victoria

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Banning people from sheltering in specific outdoor locations does nothing to address homelessness – it only makes public spaces more hostile to poor, racialized, and Indigenous people.

All settlers are foreigners: Leaflet from counter-protest against the “Rally for Housing Affordability”

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Why fighting “foreign” investors will not help us end evictions, homelessness, and the displacement of our communities.

Smash Prisons to Liberate our Imaginations: AAD Statement of Solidarity with Operation PUSH

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We stand in solidarity with the specific demands of Operation PUSH, a Florida-based prisoner-led rebellion, as well as the underlying imperative to abolish prisons, police, and poverty.

AAD statement on the North East False Creek Plan: The Janus Faced Plan

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We call for Vancouver City Council to recognize the contradictory faces of the NEFC Plan and to separate Hogan’s Alley from the rest of the plan.

“Legitimate” and “Illegitimate” Violence: the double-standard of colonial and capitalist exploitation

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We reject the conflation of violence with crime, which is used to justify punitive responses that make the world more, not less, violent.

Against the Dakota Access Pipeline from the Concrete Guts of the Real Estate Snake: Alliance Against Displacement Standing Rock Solidarity Statement

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Over the past few weeks, as Alliance Against Displacement worked on this collective statement in solidarity with the camps and struggle at #NODAPL, the camps came under violent, militarized assault [...]

AAD response to Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver Nov 19, 2016 Stop Kinder Morgan rally

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Alliance Against Displacement sent the following letter to Climate Convergence organizers on November 24, 2016. Our intention for this open letter is to better unite movements against displacement and for [...]