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We are always looking to expand our political community. No matter what amount of time and energy you’re able to contribute, if you’re inspired by our political vision, we want your support and involvement! Check out what membership can look like, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and donate to support our work.

Members agree to our Basis of Unity and the principles of our political agreements, and take on work to support the functioning of Red Braid. While members are encouraged to be more active, the minimum requirement of membership is to contribute one organizational task to our group per month.

Members are expected to actively engage in collective communication and decision making processes, including attending or calling in to meetings, contributing to online discussions, and giving feedback to campaign bottomliners. Important decisions are made at bi-weekly member meetings through a consensus process.

Steps to Membership

If you are interested in joining Red Braid, the first step is to come out to an upcoming event or action to meet members and get regularly involved in our campaign work.

We also suggest that you look through our Basis of Unity, Accountability Process, and Position Statements to get a feel for our politics. Also check out The Volcano, a grassroots newspaper affiliated with Red Braid.

Next, talk to an organizer or email to let us know you’re interested. We will reply with next steps. If you have not been involved in our campaigns or events, we will ask you to get involved in our work first, in order to give us a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.

Once we have connected, two members of Red Braid will meet with you to talk about our history and political vision, how you’d like to be involved, what your interests are, and answer any questions you have about us. The two members who met with you will report back to the Red Braid membership, which will make a decision about your application.

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Supporting Members agree with the principles of our Basis of Unity and contribute monthly donations. They have voice (through an email discussion list and supporter meetings organized a minimum of twice a year) but no vote.

Supporting Members receive a special monthly newsletter that consists of briefings on significant decisions made in member meetings, outcomes of political discussions in meetings, and reports on our internal study group, Conditions of Struggle, that outline the ideas, questions, and lessons that we’ve discussed during each class. These briefings expand the community involved in these discussions in order to check our political direction with those who support us.

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Every penny donated goes directly into community survival struggles and counter-power campaigns, research and publications, and events. None of our members are paid.

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