Anti-Asian misogyny is state power: On the mass shooting in Georgia

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These terrible moments of anti-Asian racism are not only problems of bad individuals – they are a direct expression of the anxieties of Anglo-American empire in response to China's economic rise.

No War on China! Joining the global movement against a new cold war

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Red Braid opposes the Western imperialist bloc that is reassembling against China, and especially, Canada’s central role in it. We believe the working class in the West must stand with the working class in China, not with Western imperial power. That means opposing war on China without compromise, and fighting sinophobia and the Canadian state head on. 

All investment is global: A panel on the foreign investment myth and settler nationalism

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WEDNESDAY MARCH 7, 2018 / 6:30 PM / BURNABY NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE (4460 Beresford Street, 3rd floor – across from the Metrotown Skytrain Station) SPEAKERS TBA Metro Vancouver is experiencing [...]

All settlers are foreigners: Leaflet from counter-protest against the “Rally for Housing Affordability”

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Why fighting “foreign” investors will not help us end evictions, homelessness, and the displacement of our communities.

Rally and Panel | Home ownership is not housing justice!

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Two urgent events to oppose and unpack foreign investment narratives as diversions from movements for housing justice. On Sunday February 18th, a new coalition called the Affordability Action Hub [...]

The Housing Crisis is Global! Anti-imperialist perspectives on “foreign” investment and our homes

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The Housing Crisis is Global! Anti-imperialist perspectives on “foreign” investment and our homes When: 6.30pm, Tuesday, November 29 Where: Russian Hall (600 Campbell Ave) Accessibility info at bottom SPEAKERS [...]