Bread, Roses & Hormones Socialist Feminist Summer School

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Bread, Roses & Hormones is launching our first ever Socialist Feminist Summer School this June! We will meet every two weeks online and in regional groups, starting Wednesday, June 2nd, 7:00pm. Contact to join.

Support the fight for trans community survival!

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Bread, Roses and Hormones aims to bring low-income trans people out of social isolation and into political organizing. We are fundraising $5,200 for 2021, so we can continue to connect with other low-income trans people in the fight for trans liberation!

Misgendering is Sexual Harassment!

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This pamphlet was developed by Bread, Roses & Hormones, a campaign led by trans women and non-binary people. Misgendering is a fixation on trans people's bodies to control our genders and sexualities. It is a form of sexual harassment that must be fought on every front!

Solidarity against far-right threats to working class trans women in Montreal

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On July 2, 2019, the Montreal organization Taking What We Need issued a public statement after their Trans Amour event became the target of violent threats from a far-right online troll.

Defund Vancouver Rape Relief: AAD’s presentation to Vancouver City Council

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We call for the City of Vancouver to defund Vancouver Rape Relief, an organization that enacts violence against trans and two-spirit people.

No Unity with Transmisogynists or Sex Work Prohibitionists: AAD’s position on Vancouver Rape Relief

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Vancouver Rape Relief promotes trans antagonism and sex work prohibitionism, which puts trans women and sex workers at increased risk of violence.

Trans women and sex workers’ struggles are not secondary in anti-poverty and housing movements

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Alliance Against Displacement responds to Chinatown Action Group’s open letter aligning themselves with Rape Relief.