Surrey RCMP and Bylaw seize homeless people’s belongings

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Five homeless people lost their belongings when police and bylaw officers raided their tents this morning. “They left us with nothing but the clothes on our backs,” said one of the victims of the raid.

“Help us keep each other safe”: Sanctuary Tent City calls for talks with Surrey Fire Chief

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Tent city residents worry that the City of Surrey will use "fire safety" concerns to justify displacement, which would ultimately undermine campers' safety.

#SaveOurSanctuary: Take 5 Minutes to Defend Surrey’s Homeless Camp!

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Homeless residents of Sanctuary Tent City are calling on supporters to speak out against the displacement and destruction of their home.

Surrey Bylaw officers threaten to displace new homeless camp, homeless campers announce plans to resist

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Surrey bylaw enforcement officers are threatening to displace over 50 homeless people, who are camping in a wooded lot off of King George Blvd past 112th Ave, which campers have named ‘Sanctuary.’

Homeless activists storm the Tri-Cities Homelessness Task Force, chanting “You Talk, We Die!”

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This morning, a group of ten homeless activists and Alliance Against Displacement organizers stormed the Homelessness and Housing Task Force meeting in Port Coquitlam, chanting, "You talk, we die!"

Former residents of the Surrey Strip: “The only difference is now we’re scattered and hidden”

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One year has passed since police, city workers, and social workers cleared nearly 100 tents off the 135A Street “Surrey Strip”. Homeless activists say the anniversary is nothing to celebrate.

We Exist Tent City Founding Declaration

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We Exist Tent City is taking unused City-owned land to protect ourselves against the hostility of the government, bylaw and RCMP officers, vigilantes in the public, and the dangers – the cold, isolation, overdose, and bear-attack – of living scattered, alone, and invisible in the bush.

Stigma is Murder: We Demand Actions from Fraser Health

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A statement by Maple Ridge's homeless and low-income drug user activists. Last week on June 6, a group of homeless and low-income drug users, activists, and supporters started an [...]