BREAKING: Bowing to protest, Coast Mental Health drops its unlawful guest ban in Maple Ridge supportive housing

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Residents of supportive housing successfully forced Coast Mental Health to drop its deadly ban on guests, but the struggle to abolish supportive housing is far from over.

Fearing a worse repeat of the springtime death wave, supportive housing residents demand: “Bust the guest ban!”

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Residents and loved ones of three supportive housing buildings operated by Coast Mental Health in Maple Ridge held a rally to demand an immediate end to the renewed building-wide ban on guests.

Sudden mass evictions of supportive housing building in Maple Ridge

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At noon on July 27th, three residents of one of the Coast Mental Health-run supportive housing buildings in Maple Ridge were surprised with sheriffs at their doors and a moving truck outside.

Supportive housing residents to speak out against BC Housing

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Supportive housing residents from throughout Metro Vancouver call a press conference to speak out against the policy of BC Housing-contracted supportive housing operators to ban all guests from their buildings. They say, “Banning guests is killing us quicker than COVID.”

Stigma is Murder: We Demand Actions from Fraser Health

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A statement by Maple Ridge's homeless and low-income drug user activists. Last week on June 6, a group of homeless and low-income drug users, activists, and supporters started an [...]

“NOT ONE MORE DEATH” Founding declaration of the Ridge Meadows Overdose Prevention Site

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The Maple Ridge government’s displacement and stigma, the Provincial government’s inaction, and the Federal government’s criminalization are organizing the mass killings of drug users. We will not allow one more death in our community.

Drug Users Threaten Direct Action to Prevent Impending Overdose Crisis in Maple Ridge

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On June 5th, current and former camp residents, drug users, and activists will challenge Fraser Health to ignore local anti-drug user rhetoric and open a lifesaving OPS to replace the one shut down by Mayor Morden.

Rally for Homes Not Hate in Maple Ridge!

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On April 14th, the anti-homeless NIMBYs of Maple Ridge plan to hold another rally against housing. Current and former residents of Anita Place tent city are calling a counter rally to fight for homes now!

Anita Place Tent City Responds to Province’s Modular Housing Announcement

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We are disappointed that Minister Robinson's solution to homelessness in Maple Ridge is not permanent social housing, but temporary, institutionalized modular housing.