“NOT ONE MORE DEATH” Founding declaration of the Ridge Meadows Overdose Prevention Site

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The Maple Ridge government’s displacement and stigma, the Provincial government’s inaction, and the Federal government’s criminalization are organizing the mass killings of drug users. We will not allow one more death in our community.

Drug Users Threaten Direct Action to Prevent Impending Overdose Crisis in Maple Ridge

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On June 5th, current and former camp residents, drug users, and activists will challenge Fraser Health to ignore local anti-drug user rhetoric and open a lifesaving OPS to replace the one shut down by Mayor Morden.

Anita Place Tent City Responds to Province’s Modular Housing Announcement

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We are disappointed that Minister Robinson's solution to homelessness in Maple Ridge is not permanent social housing, but temporary, institutionalized modular housing.

Homes Not Prison Camps: Resolution from Anita Place Tent City

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A resolution from Anita Place Tent City calling on the Province of British Columbia to bypass Maple Ridge Council and create permanent homes now, emailed to Minister Robinson on [...]

Rally to defend Anita Place and call for homes not prison camps!

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Tuesday March 5th, 4:00pm outside Anita Place tent city on 223rd St and 117 Ave. Support Anita Place Tent City – call for fire safe heating now, and for the Province to buy the apartment building across the street for social housing at 100% welfare/pension rate.

Don’t take down my home! Anita Place tent city residents speak out against Maple Ridge’s faux-fire-safety court application to demolish their shelters

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The City of Maple Ridge has filed a notice of  application with the BC Supreme Court for orders that would demolish the homes built by Anita Place Tent City [...]

Anita Place Tent City vision for self-determined homes and health care

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Anita Place tent city started May 2nd, 2017 to give homeless people in Maple Ridge a place to stay, a place to be, and a place to be safe… and a place to advocate for the social housing we so desperately need. Anita Place is a survival camp that, in five months, has supported hundreds of impoverished people with emergency shelter, food and water, health services, and a safer community space that we are denied by government austerity and the cult of “individual responsibility” in the often hostile world around us. Anita Place has successfully shone a public light on homelessness and poverty in the Fraser Valley through the frontline leadership of homeless people themselves. We are strong in our autonomous community space. As the fall weather turns we are entering negotiations with the City and Provincial governments to “decamp” Anita Place from a position of strength and power.

Housing and health self-determination not re-institutionalization

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Anita Place Tent City responds to Maple Ridge City Council’s rejection of supportive housing at Burnett Street By Anita Place Tent City Council On Tuesday night Maple Ridge City Council [...]