Schoolhouse Squat Legal Defence Fund

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We are fundraising $9,600 for the Schoolhouse Squat legal defence fund. Donate to help us recoup the costs imposed by the criminalization of direct survival actions in a growing poor people’s movement, and enable us to keep fighting to build the power we need to end homelessness!

Displaced from Wesley street, homeless people to rally and fight back against city and police

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Former Wesley strip residents are calling a press conference for December 8th to speak out against the violent displacement by cops and by-law after a fire in the camp. A rally and march to City Hall will take place afterwards.

Defend the Schoolhouse Four and break the back of property rights!

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Alliance Against Displacement welcomes the visibility of the Schoolhouse Four court case because it lays bare the status quo dehumanization that homeless and other oppressed people face most days out of the public eye.

From Embers Podcast: Schoolhouse Squat and Discontent City

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Alliance Against Displacement organizers speak about the roots of the housing crisis; how homeless Indigenous and working class people are organizing to meet their immediate; building dual power; and more.

“Nanaimo is following the letter, not the spirit of the law”: Discontent City returns to court as Mayor McKay fumbles the displacement of tent city

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As the court-ordered deadline approaches for the displacement of Discontent City, the mayor can’t get his story straight about whether he will order police to scatter hundreds of homeless people out into the streets.

Nanaimo ignores the Province’s request to delay the eviction of Discontent City; sends three hundred people into the streets

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SNUNEYMUXW TERRITORY (NANAIMO): On Tuesday October 9th at a regular meeting with representatives of Discontent City, Nanaimo’s Director of Public Safety and Fire Chief Karen Fry announced that the [...]

Discontent City under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!

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This statement separates myths from facts about two events that happened in Nanaimo over the weekend: the Provincial government's housing announcement and the Schoolhouse Squat.

Nanaimo-Ladysmith School Board Chair Would Rather See Homeless Corpses Than a Box of Rigs

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School Board Chair Rae posted photos of harm reduction supplies left behind after Schoolhouse Squatters were forced to vacate the school – an attempt to shame, blame, and attack people for taking the life-saving measures they need to survive.

#SquatTheEmpties! Nanaimo’s Schoolhouse Squat opened to resist Court-ordered collective punishment and end homelessness

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We acknowledge that the Schoolhouse Squat is on the territory of the Snuneymuxw nation, treatied in the 1854 “Douglas” Treaty, which guarantees Snuneymuxw sovereignty over their lands and waters, and [...]