May 1st: Family, Food, Health Before Landlords

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On March 25th, the provincial government announced a halt on evictions for unpaid rent during the COVID-19 crisis. That means if you can’t pay your rent, stay in your home. Now is the time to say enough by organizing to collectively withhold our rent!

Burnaby tenants rally against new mass rezoning

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In November 2019, Stop Demovictions Burnaby organized a rally against the mass rezoning of hundreds of affordable rental units in Metrotown. This rally took place on the unceded and [...]

June Townhall: Will Burnaby’s new housing policies protect tenants from displacement?

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The Mayor’s Task Force recently released 10 "quick starts" to tackle the housing crisis in Burnaby. At this town hall, we will peel back the technical language and media hype to see what is going on and how it will impact Indigenous and working class tenants in Metrotown.

International day of action against evictions and outrageous rents

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Organizers from Mietenwahnsinn in Berlin are calling for demonstrations across the world on Saturday, April 6 with actions being planned in Germany, Spain, France and elsewhere… and we want to join them!

We Won’t Go: February Newsletter

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Articles include "Home Defenders Stand with Land Defenders" by Sadie and Destiny Morris, "Stop Demovictions Burnaby Vision for 2019," and "Burnaby's Housing Task Farce: A developer-heavy housing task force won't end the crisis Metrotown renters" face by Emily and Zoe Luba.

We beat Corrigan! Stop Demovictions movement stops Burnaby’s juggernaut Mayor

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Stop Demovictions will not only hold Mayor Hurley accountable to his campaign promises; we will challenge him to go beyond a moratorium as we continue organizing in the streets to defend Metrotown as a working class and Indigenous neighbourhood.

Spend the surplus! Metrotown residents challenge candidates to do “more than a moratorium” and use the budgetary surplus for non-market housing

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Stop Demovictions Burnaby and Metrotown tenants facing demoviction challenge Mayoral candidate Mike Hurley and the Green Party to adopt our vision of “more than a moratorium!” and implement policies to preserve the working class and tenant-majority character of Metrotown.