Coquitlam Bylaw evict couple from their riverside cabin

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Coquitlam Bylaw told Sharon and Sid they would come today, January 21, to throw away their belongings and that tomorrow, Wednesday, January 26, their home will be bulldozed. Sid and Sharon do not want to leave their home in the midst of the double crises of Covid-19 and homelessness.

Homeless activists storm the Tri-Cities Homelessness Task Force, chanting “You Talk, We Die!”

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This morning, a group of ten homeless activists and Alliance Against Displacement organizers stormed the Homelessness and Housing Task Force meeting in Port Coquitlam, chanting, "You talk, we die!"

We Exist Tent City Founding Declaration

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We Exist Tent City is taking unused City-owned land to protect ourselves against the hostility of the government, bylaw and RCMP officers, vigilantes in the public, and the dangers – the cold, isolation, overdose, and bear-attack – of living scattered, alone, and invisible in the bush.

We Exist! Rally Against Anti-Homeless Hate

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Support the Tri-Cities homeless! Come to a rally to say no to the Tri-Cities Model of disappearing the poor, no to police harassment of homeless people, no to social isolation and overdose death, and yes to homeless power and homes for all!