Strathcona Tent City Residents speak out against Parks Board Control bylaw enactment

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The residents of Kennedy Trudeau (K.T.) tent city and their supporters speak out against the amendments to the Parks Control Bylaw that were passed July 14th regarding temporary shelter in parks.

Strathcona Tent City residents to speak out against new anti-“camping” Parks Board Bylaw

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The residents of Kennedy Trudeau (K.T.) tent city and their supporters denounce the proposed amendment to the Parks Control Bylaw regarding temporary shelter in parks. Residents challenge the anti-poor rhetoric, the homeless containment strategy, and demand permanent, adequate housing now, not the increased policing and normalization of homelessness.

Strathcona Park tent city residents respond to provincial encampment guidelines, demand an end to displacement and return of unceded land

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Residents of Camp K.T. tent city in Strathcona Park call for all three levels of government to prioritize safe permanent housing for all over government sanctioned tent cities, an end to the cycle of displacement through laws and by-laws that criminalize poverty, and repatriation of unceded Indigenous land.

Tent city residents call for support to oppose Supreme Court-stamped displacement

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On Saturday June 13th, residents of CRAB Park tent city and their supporters will mount their street defence against the court-ordered displacement of more than 100 homeless people who have made a home at the inner city park since the recent displacement of Oppenheimer Tent City.

Homelessness and COVID-19 continue to endanger the DTES community, despite “success” at Oppenheimer Park

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DTES community members call a press conference to debunk the “success story” of Oppenheimer Park tent city's eviction, highlighting the thousands who are still homeless and the community's ongoing vulnerability to COVID-19.

Breaking: Stewart Squat launches in Vancouver’s DTES!

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On April 17, homeless and underhoused residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside took over a vacant school building, launching the latest #SQUAT2SURVIVE action: the Kennedy Stewart Squat!

Defund Vancouver Rape Relief: AAD’s presentation to Vancouver City Council

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We call for the City of Vancouver to defund Vancouver Rape Relief, an organization that enacts violence against trans and two-spirit people.